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Civic Memorials

Following is a listing and description of some of our more prominent work in the area of civic memorials.

United States State Department, Washington, DC

We have added many names to the memorial wall located in the main hall inside the State Department Headquarters. Those so honored have given their lives in the service of the United States, the names added have included the late Ron Brown, Secretary of Commerce.

Naval Polar Expedition Memorial and the Perry Expedition Memorial located in the U. S. Naval Academy Cemetery, Annapolis, MD.

Both these memorials where severely damaged by falling trees during a storm. The memorials where repaired, some new material being needed, cleaned and reset.

Annapolis Elks Lodge Memorial, Annapolis, MD

We have reset, repointed, cleaned and add approximately 300 individual names to the Elks Memorial.

Blue & Gray Memorial, Fort Detrick, Frederick, MD

We supplied and set the Blue and Gray Field memorial located at the parade grounds in Fort Detrick. The memorial is a bronze tablet mounted to a granite base.

Boy Scouts of America Memorial, Washington, DC

We cut some of the granite slabs to be placed at the base of the bronze statues and around the reflecting pool, we also assisted in the installation of the bronze and granite.

Lake Linganore Dedication Memorial, Lake Linganore, MD

We carved and lettered the dedication memorial located at the head of the Lake Linganore Dam. The memorial was created from a large boulder excavated during the construction of the dam and spillway.

Columbus Fountain, Union Station, Washington, DC

The statue and surrounding fountain where cleaned and repointed.

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC.

Passages through the existing granite walls where cut to accommodate additions to the Smithsonian building.

World Bank Building, Washington, DC

We completed repair work to granite window sills being installed during the construction of the new World Bank Building.

Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Island, Washington, DC

We added inscription lettering and carved rosettes into the four massive granite monoliths surrounding the Roosevelt Memorial. We also assisted in setting the monoliths and granite fountains.


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