R. S. Kinnaird Memorials

" Carrying on a tradition of quality  workmanship and dedication to community since 1874."

Our History

R. S. Kinnaird Memorials was established in 1964 by Robert S. Kinnaird. Robert held degrees from art schools in Aberdeen, Scotland where he studied art and stone carving. He served his four year apprenticeship with Anderson Brothers, one of Aberdeen's largest stone carving shops. Robert and his family emigrated from Scotland and settled in Thurmont in 1960, where he worked for the Hammaker Brothers Memorial Company as a master stone carver.

After the closing of the Hammaker firm in 1964, R. S. Kinnaird Memorials was established. The business specialized in doing primarily custom memorial work, stone cutting, and also performing custom work for other memorial dealers in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and District of Columbia. The business is still located at the site of Hammaker Brothers shop, established in 1874, making this the oldest continually operated memorial facility in the state. We are one of the very few remaining memorial shops that actually does engraving and carving on the premises.

During the past 34 years we have had the privilege of working on many of this area's public buildings, church's, and community parks as well as local, national and international war memorials. We also have engraved over 30,00 inscriptions in Arlington National Cemetery. Finally, we are most proud of the hundreds of memorials and lettering services we have supplied to local families.

Today, with three generations of Kinnairds working in the business, the family continues to carry on the tradition established by Robert S. Kinnaird of quality workmanship and dedication to our community.


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