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Private Memorials

R. S. Kinnaird Memorials has been serving the mid-Atlantic area since 1963.  In that time we have had the privilege of helping thousands of families design memorials for their loved ones.  Below is a selection of private memorials we have completed for some of families.  There is descriptive text as well photographs for some of the memorials and a photographic gallery of others.  Please call us if you have any questions about the memorials shown on these pages.


Boehler Family Memorial
Location - Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, DC.
Material - Impala Black Granite
The Boehler memorial consists of a bench, pedestal and bronze statue.  The statue was commissioned for the family and stood in a private garden in Paris for several years before being brought to the US to be incorporated into the memorial.  The family wanted a design that would showcase the statue and allow for several inscriptions.  The design we created incorporates both of these elements along with the inviting nature of the bench.  Family members can visit the grave site and spend some relaxed moments seated in close proximity to the bronze statue.  Click on the photo to see an album showing the lettering, assembly and setting of the memorial.

Location - Private, Gaithersburg, MD
Material - Natural Boulder
This memorial was commissioned to celebrate the life of a young woman.  Carved into the surface is the word “Peace” in 18 languages.  It is set in a private location adjacent to a large area used for mediation and is surrounded by other installations including a prayer path made up of a large spiral of rocks. The natural apperance blends well in this wooded setting.  Click on the photo to see an album showing the setting of the memorial. The photo below shows a detail of the lettering.

Peace Detail

Location - Monocacy Union, Beallesville, MD
Material - Sunset Pink Granite
This single memorial for a young girl includes in the design a copy of one of her drawings.  We pride ourselves in helping create truly individual memorials such as this.  See a detail of the art work below.

Antonelli Detail

Cregger Family Memorial
Location - Darnestown Presbyterian, Darnestown, MD
Material - Dakota Mahogany Granite
The Cregger family wanted a memorial with a carving that combined their home as well as their business.  Mrs. Cregger was a homemaker and Mr. Cregger operated a service station. The finished memorial has a sandblasted carving of both locations, and although they are miles apart they are shown on the memorial positioned above the appropriate  inscriptions. The detail of the carving below shows the service station with gas pumps.

Cregger Detail
Dewees 001

Location - Lisbon Cemetery, Lisbon, MD
Material - Georgia Gray Granite
This is a typical single slant style memorial.  Slants can set set with out a base as is this one or with a base.  There is ample room on this style of memorial for a carving and inscription.


Material - Georgia Gray Granite
Seward is a double bevel marker, with corner carvings and a center carving.  The Doves in the corner a very popular design while the flowers in the center were a custom drawing we created for this marker

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